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Take a look at our tips on how to play online roulette. Try out more systems of playing roulette, even when playing for free.


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Tips on how to play online roulette

roulette systems

Just as with any other game, board game, gambling game, or any other, the game strategy is all up to the player. You can rely on your intuition, monitor the course of the game and at the right time place a bet on a colour or specific number, you can can base your system on maths or choose a different system, or rely on a program that analyzes online roulette behaviour over time.

If you are supporter of the systematic game, there are several favourite player methods of how to "guarantee" winning. However, it must be said that no system will guarantee winning when it comes to any gambling games and it is important to play responsibly.

Roulette systems and game strategies

Martingale system

The oldest, best known, most popular system - we speak of none other than the Martingale roulette system. Read more.

Parlay system

A roulette system where the player bets for example on a colour or even/odd numbers. Provided the player wins, he leaves his bet along with the winnings on the table with the same wager. This is repeated four times. The probability of a successful series is less than 10 percent, but the overall possible winnings are that much higher. Doubling the stakes is recommended after an unsuccessful attempt. Read more about Parlay system.

Fibonacci system

With this system, the player places the same bets (colour, odd or even numbers) according to the Fibonacci sequence. The series is only successful if the player wins the first round. Otherwise the series will be played with a zero balance. Read more about Fibonacci system.

Martingale system

The Martingale principle is similar to that of the Fibonacci system. The only difference is in the progression. This system is quicker and each concluded series is a winning series. After a round in which he/she has lost, the player always bets twice the original bet. Upon winning a round, the player starts over from his/her initial bet. Read more about Martingale system.

Systém 63

With this system, the player bets on two of three dozens. The player starts with one chip. The stake is multiplied by 3 with every loss. The probability of winning with this system is higher than with the previous systems. Read more about roulette strategies.