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Martingale system

The oldest, best known, most popular system - we speak of none other than the Martingale roulette system. One of its huge advantages, and one of the reasons underlying its huge popularity, is its absolute simplicity. It can easily be used by anyone, even by those who have no experience with casino games at all.

The martingale strategy is based on doubling the bets and its foundations rely on probability theory. One important condition is that it can only be applied on betting opportunities where the payout ratio is 1:1. For instance, black/red or even/odd bets.

The principles

Let’s assume we start by choosing black. We begin by betting 1 chip, and if we win then it’s only up to us how much we bet in the next round. But if we lose, then we need to double our bet. In our case, that would mean betting 2 chips on a selected color. If we lose again, then we need to double the bet once more, meaning that we’ll be betting 4 chips. This continues until we win. The martingale system guarantees that you’ll always end a series with a net gain, specifically by gaining the value of whatever bet you started with. In our case, that was 1 chip.

For example, if we were to win in the 4th round, then our bet was 1+2+4+8=15 chips. Once again, we bet 15 chips in total. And we won in the 4th round, meaning that our prize was 16 chips. Hence we won 1 chip. By the way, after each series we recommend starting from the beginning once again, but it’s of course up to you.

Martingale is a high-risk strategy. Statistically, a negative series of length 12 means that you could lose all your money. That is why it is always worth it to start again after each round, and select a small starting sum.

In general, this strategy is well suited especially for players who are patient and won’t be discouraged even in case of an unlikely series of losses. But there also exist tricks that can help you avoid a negative series. For instance, if you lose many color bets in a row, try other types of bets - such as high/low or even/odd. This could help you overcome your bad series. Anyway, try it out and see for yourselves.